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So I just got rejected by Facebook.  I tried to sign up, more or less to see who they would suggest to me as friends, since p_roqueforti had done it and said I had to try it too, that Facebook found Dale.  Yeah, that Dale.  

So I tried signing up.  No confirmation email.  I tried clicking on the help link, but that just made Facebook convince my browser that it didn't exist.  So I closed all my windows, reopened Facebook, and  tried logging in without a confirmation email.  I got an error that my password was incorrect.   

So I tried signing up again from the start, and didn't get an error that my account already exists. But again, no confirmation email.  So I clicked on the OTHER help link, and that let me send some internal message for help. 

Still no email. 

I didn't want to join Facebook earlier today.  Now that I've been rejected, though, I am determined to shatter the wall between me and their bourgeois networking site.

That'll show them.


I just looked at my last entry and realized it's been quite some time since I posted.  We've been busy with sickness and teething.  In the last month, various members of our household have had the flu, colds, a stomach virus, teething, conjunctivitis, and a sinus infection.  March has not been easy. 

Nora is starting to get serious about walking.  She's been doing a couple steps here and there for a while now, but in the last week it's extended to walking across the room or down the hall.  She's also gotten a lot more vocal.  On the warm days, we've been opening the inside front door, and she stands at the screen door and hollers incoherently at squirrels, birds, dogs, and people in the neighborhood.  There are syllables there, and meaning, but not a lot of words.  It's kind of like watching Japanese movies, where the character says 10-12 syllables, and it gets translated to "Hey You!"

My new job is going well.  I really like my coworkers so far.  Even beyond that, I feel like they come from my subculture.  At Unisys, I really liked the people I worked with, but they weren't members of geek culture, by and large.  Here, I've got a boss who uses a screenshot of her WoW character as part of her screensaver slideshow.  Two of my teammates have transforming robots in their cubicles. 



I have a job.  

I'm starting with Trane tomorrow.  I didn't post about it earlier, since I wanted to wait until all the pre-employment stuff was done and it was all confirmed which happened, well, today.  Posting earlier would have seemed like tempting fate, and I didn't want to bring done the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing. 

I'm looking forward to it, though I admit it will be harder to leave Nora at daycare tomorrow morning than it was 10 months ago when I went back after my maternity leave from Unisys.  She's a lot more fun now, laughing and talking a little and occasionally dancing when there is music.  I don't know whether it would be enough for me, being a stay-at-home mom.  Most of the time it would be OK, I think, but I found myself restless in the late afternoon, wanting more to do with my brain.  And a little lonely, though that got easier as time went by.

Anyway, I'm excited and a little nervous about tomorrow.  I'll post more after my first day.

Bourbon Barrel Ale

p_roqueforti and I have been making beer the last couple years.  Our latest project was the bourbon barrel ale kit from Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies

It's a dark ale aged for several months with oak cubes that have been soaked in bourbon.  It turned out really well - oaky and smoky with notes of bourbon.  This in spite of us leaving it in the carboy longer than we should have.

For anyone out there brewing, I highly recommend it, assuming you have the space and the don't mind tying up a carboy for 6+ months.


Can has meme. Can has fancy book.
From just about everybody, and only because I actually have a book on my desk for once (books do not live on the desk. They live on the shelves, or the floor by the bed, or the coffee table, all things far from the desk):

1. Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
2. Turn to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post that sentence along with these instructions in your LiveJournal.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

It's a tie between:
"I gave Kragar the purses to put into safekeeping, and went home for the day."
"This forms a triangle with one folded side and two sewn sides."

Jan. 16th, 2009

My nephew Sam and his friend have started making short movies and putting them on YouTube.  I may be biased, but I thought this one was pretty clever.  


As part of my severance package, I have this consutling company teaching me how to find a job.  They keep talking about the "hidden" job market. 

It got me going down this whole road of imagining ads for motivated self-starters who aren't afraid of blood to handle daytime activities for local vampires.  Or detail-oriented professionals to handle supply-chain logistics for regional wizarding schools.  Creative stylists with a strong aesthetic and marketing background to assist a faction of the local sidhe court in strategically repositioning themselves in the community.

Then today there was a headline on Yahoo news: "How to wow an employer in the first 30 seconds" and my immediate thought was "the power of flight?"  Because that would definitely work.


Jan. 6th, 2009

We bought Nora a sippy cup a couple weeks ago.  She insists on holding it in one hand while eating.  She periodically chews on the spout, but doesn't tip the cup far enough to get any water.  Whenever I take the cup from her to hold it at an angle where she'll get some water, she gets this "Mom, I know what I'm doing" look and takes the cup back from me.  It's awesome. 

Now she's using it to smash Cheerios.  Why didn't I think of that?

Letting Go

We Nilssons had a good Christmas.  Much food was eaten, children did funny and cute things, and gifts were exchanged.  Ben came home from my family's Christmas with several pounds of sausage - my dad's entry in the  gift exchange, while I came home with kitchen gadgets.

Last night, Nora was playing with her new grocery cart.  My mom got it for her - we wanted something for her to practice walking behind.  She was standing and holding on to it, and I started inching it away from her, hoping to get her to walk behind it.  Instead, she let go, and stood for 2 seconds, knees slightly bent and arms out for balance, then plopped down on her butt.  My baby is standing.

Today is a strange day for me.  I got laid off on the 18th.  The 19th felt like a sick day for Nora.  Then last week was about preparing for the holidays, and then a nice long holiday with my family.  Today, though, feels like the first day of my unemployment.  I'm actually a little nervous about what I'm going to do with myself.  

I mean, if I knew that I would be off work for several months, I would work on establishing a comfortable routine at home, a consistent schedule for Nora, who may not need as much nap time if she's just home with me.  But if I'm going to back at work in a couple weeks, then I should try to keep the routine Nora had at daycare, and try to finish some of the cleaning/organizing projects I've been putting off, even if it means rushing around all day. 

Worst of all, what if I like it?  At the end of my maternity leave, I was frankly a little relieved to get back to work where I knew what I was doing and what was expected of me.  But now she's starting to say mama and dada and meow, and possibly kitty.  She points at things and she giggles and she dances when there's music.  What if now I find spending my days with her so enjoyable I don't want to go back to work?


For my family's Christmas gift exchange, I have to bring a generic women's gift.  We randomly get a gift to open, then play dice, stealing the gifts back and forth until a timer sounds. 

Being that I got laid off, I decided to make some jewelry instead of buying a gift.  I couldn't figure out something nifty from what's in my big box of leftover beads, so I went to my local bead store with a budget and a plan.  And I ended up coming home with something entirely different, and a different plan.

But now that I have them home, the beads are telling me what they want me to do with them.  And it would be really cool.  They're pale green teardrop-shaped aventurine beads, and they really want to be made into long dangly earrings with the iridescent pale violet beads, the ones that remind me of fish eggs because they're translucent and just slightly shiny.  They would remind the viewer of spring.

Thing is, I don't know whether any of the other women in my family would wear them.  So if I listen to the beads, I may end up bringing the gift everybody wants to trade away. Or, since I will have obviously made them, the gift no one will admit to wanting to trade away.

This is more stress than I need over the holidays.


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